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2007, October 13th Chatlog: GoMe "See a need, Fill need Meeting"

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Planning and strategy meeting concerning the future of the Guild of Messengers. The meeting was held in the GoMe pub @10:00 ki-time, Oct. 13th, 2007.

Original thread can be found here: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12909



(10/13 11:06:06) Chat.log started...
(10/13 11:06:30) Lynnutte: we still have a few minutes before we start
(10/13 11:06:55) Shimmerillion: is there a 5 guild meeting after this one?
(10/13 11:07:02) Boogihn f'toogo: wow i expected this place to be full
(10/13 11:07:11) Lynnutte: I haven't heard of any
(10/13 11:07:23) Lynnutte: There is the Job Fair I think
(10/13 11:07:25) Shimmerillion: ok good. i thought i remembered something about one, but i can't stay
(10/13 11:07:35) Shimmerillion: job fair is nov 3
(10/13 11:11:16) Lynnutte: Thank you all for coming
(10/13 11:12:15) Lynnutte: I asked to have this meeting to discuss what coomunication areas we still need to work on
(10/13 11:12:2 Lynnutte: which areas are not covered
(10/13 11:12:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and thank you Lynnutte for stepping up to try and get this going
(10/13 11:13:07) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, thanks
(10/13 11:13:10) Lynnutte: Sure Ghealen.
(10/13 11:13:31) Lynnutte: It looked like people were starting to forget, or get complacent
(10/13 11:13:42) Lynnutte: I feel this is really important
(10/13 11:13:47) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or, as in my case, very very busy on the surface
(10/13 11:13:52) Lynnutte: that too
(10/13 11:14:03) Lynnutte: I can understand that
(10/13 11:14:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: a gathering, on a regular basis, just to talk and re-aquaint ourselves is always good
(10/13 11:14:39) Lynnutte: There were some people asking for a way to get explorer events known
(10/13 11:15:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: in cavern mostly, yes?
(10/13 11:15:0 Lynnutte: I started a news letter and Lial is now helping me with that
(10/13 11:15:13) Boogihn f'toogo: i hope so
(10/13 11:15:14) Lynnutte: Yes, in the cavern
(10/13 11:15:19) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:15:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: a KInews Letter?
(10/13 11:15:39) Lynnutte: Yes.
(10/13 11:16:06) Shimmerillion: with the kinews letter, it might be a good idea to enlist gog and the resengs
(10/13 11:16:06) Lynnutte: If you look on the imager, you'll see 2 cavern events newsletters by Ly'net
(10/13 11:16:09) Lynnutte: that's me too
(10/13 11:16:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: very nice. I see the listings on the imager.
(10/13 11:16:25) Lynnutte: Lial does the GOG calendar
(10/13 11:16:30) Shimmerillion: for example, when a new explorer comes for help, they ask if they would like to subscribe to the kinewsletter
(10/13 11:16:33) Veralun: you can also point them to In Game Events on the MO:UL site
(10/13 11:16:44) Lynnutte: we are both working on the news letter now
(10/13 11:16:46) Boogihn f'toogo: i read on the forums that Jenine was looking into that as well
(10/13 11:16:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so one question is: How to get those listings in the hands of explorers?
(10/13 11:17:16) Boogihn f'toogo: is that separate?
(10/13 11:17:17) Lynnutte: I have been relying on explorers passing them to friend
(10/13 11:17:23) Lynnutte: Yes it is
(10/13 11:17:34) Lynnutte: I thought Jenine was working on a Guilds newsletter
(10/13 11:17:52) Boogihn f'toogo: i am not sure what is what actually....
(10/13 11:17:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, the guild support letter
(10/13 11:18:00) Boogihn f'toogo: :/
(10/13 11:18:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it is a different one
(10/13 11:18:07) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 11:18:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: unless there is yet another one
(10/13 11:18:11) Lynnutte: I am open to any suggestions on how to get the letter into more explorers hands
(10/13 11:18:39) Lynnutte: I have given it to budgie in GOG
(10/13 11:18:42) Shimmerillion: make it part of Orientation
(10/13 11:18:49) Lynnutte: that's a good idea
(10/13 11:18:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: have you included a sentence in it that asks them to pass it on during each event also?
(10/13 11:18:55) Boogihn f'toogo: are you talking about a general newsletter ongoing or once a week?
(10/13 11:18:56) Lynnutte: yes
(10/13 11:19:03) Lynnutte: ongoing
(10/13 11:19:10) Lynnutte: I have one for recurring events
(10/13 11:19:20) Lynnutte: and one for current events
(10/13 11:19:25) Boogihn f'toogo: ahhh ok
(10/13 11:19:30) Lynnutte: I update them as I find out about the events
(10/13 11:19:41) Lynnutte: I don't keep sending it to people
(10/13 11:19:49) Lynnutte: I just udate the 2 I have
(10/13 11:19:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh: what would be really nice is if people could download KImail from the imagers as well as upload it
(10/13 11:20:02) Shimmerillion: i think we do need to keep thinking, though, because i've never received the newsletter or any kimail for that matter ... i don't say this to ask someone to send it to me, because that's easy - but as a reminder that there are still a lot of people left to reach
(10/13 11:20:02) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:20:03) Veralun: be carefull not to spam ppl too much
(10/13 11:20:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, spamming is always the issue
(10/13 11:20:2 Veralun: it might work against us
(10/13 11:20:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: when is it helpful and when spamming?
(10/13 11:20:44) Lynnutte: I don't want to spam. That is why I just update the 2 letters
(10/13 11:21:04) Lynnutte: That way, if they have the newsletter, they get the update on the letter
(10/13 11:21:04) Veralun: I know
(10/13 11:21:04) Shimmerillion: lynnutte, how often do you send it out? if explorers knew when to expect a kimail, they would not consider it unsolicited spam
(10/13 11:21:0 Boogihn f'toogo: somewhere in the newsletter you need to let ppl know to continue to check it
(10/13 11:21:27) Veralun: but that is the difficult thing who to send
(10/13 11:21:27) Lynnutte: ok, I think there is some confusion on how I distribute it
(10/13 11:21:33) Boogihn f'toogo: because as you update it, it changes in everyone's KI, right?
(10/13 11:21:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so what would be really helpful for you, Lynnutte, would be to know if people are getting it
(10/13 11:21:41) Lynnutte: Yes Boo
(10/13 11:21:56) Lynnutte: yes it would Ghaelen
(10/13 11:22:12) Boogihn f'toogo: so if someone gets it, then they dont need to receive it all the time, right?
(10/13 11:22:15) Lynnutte: so far, the people I have asked have gotten the updated version
(10/13 11:22:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: let's put that on our GoMe wish list
(10/13 11:22:26) Lynnutte: yes Boo
(10/13 11:22:45) Lynnutte: I update my version, and it automatically updates their version
(10/13 11:23:01) Ghaelen D'Lareh: a statement that says "Don't delete this mail as it is updated regularly"
(10/13 11:23:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or something like that
(10/13 11:23:14) Lynnutte: that way they don't get lots of messages from me
(10/13 11:23:16) Boogihn f'toogo: right
(10/13 11:23:27) Lynnutte: That's a good idea Ghaelen
(10/13 11:23:34) Shimmerillion: yes it is
(10/13 11:23:39) Elatine: I had no idea it was being updated until yesterday when I was cleaning out my KI
(10/13 11:23:43) Lynnutte: I don't think I put that on the letter
(10/13 11:23:50) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:23:5 Lynnutte: I will put that on it
(10/13 11:24:0 Boogihn f'toogo: so it really wouldnt be spam would it?
(10/13 11:24:15) Lynnutte: no, it's not
(10/13 11:24:19) Elatine: Not at all
(10/13 11:24:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I do think people pass on mail they consider helpful to others, too
(10/13 11:24:25) Lynnutte: If they don't want it any more, they delete it
(10/13 11:24:37) Lynnutte: and won't get a new3 one
(10/13 11:24:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and it is better received if it comes from a friend
(10/13 11:24:4 Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:24:51) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:25:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we pass around mail all the time at the roof parties, er, Root parties
(10/13 11:25:17) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:25:27) Lynnutte: what is everyone else working on?
(10/13 11:25:47) Shimmerillion: well, kalypso and i were hoping to talk about the website, but her internet connection keeps timing out
(10/13 11:25:56) Lynnutte: darn
(10/13 11:25:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: awww
(10/13 11:26:02) Lynnutte: I would like to hear about it
(10/13 11:26:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: me too
(10/13 11:26:16) Lynnutte: what is the web addy?
(10/13 11:26:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, and I forgot to post that I think pointing the sites to the one you suggested Shim, is a good idea. You suggested www.guildofmessengers.com?
(10/13 11:27:03) Shimmerillion: the plan is to have stevecrox host the site at guildofmessengers.org. veralun will contribute guildofmessengers.com and someone also has guilmessengers.nete
(10/13 11:27:13) Shimmerillion: net
(10/13 11:27:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah, I do
(10/13 11:27:1 Lynnutte: nice
(10/13 11:27:23) Shimmerillion: yes, thats the plan, ghaelen
(10/13 11:27:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 11:27:3 Boogihn f'toogo: so there are three sites?
(10/13 11:27:39) Lynnutte: so, 3 websites?
(10/13 11:27:42) Shimmerillion: unfortunately, i wasnt able to access steve's ftp with the info he gave me, and i havent heard back from him
(10/13 11:27:44) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 11:27:45) Shimmerillion: no no no
(10/13 11:27:4 Shimmerillion: not 3 websites
(10/13 11:27:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: no, one site
(10/13 11:27:53) Lynnutte: oh
(10/13 11:27:56) Shimmerillion: just 3 addresses to point to 1 website
(10/13 11:27:57) Boogihn f'toogo: ?
(10/13 11:28:01) Boogihn f'toogo: oh
(10/13 11:28:01) Lynnutte: OH!
(10/13 11:28:04) Lynnutte: Good idea
(10/13 11:28:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: just like other sites do
(10/13 11:28:09) Veralun: the advantage of using com might be that you can also handle some commercial things like a donation etc
(10/13 11:28:20) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:28:21) Shimmerillion: yes
(10/13 11:28:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: right, veralun, I was just thinking that
(10/13 11:28:33) Shimmerillion: that will probably be the primary
(10/13 11:28:39) Veralun: as example I mention the GOG site
(10/13 11:29:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: maybe the folks at GOG could help us with set-up
(10/13 11:29:23) Shimmerillion: anyway, i was hoping to test the rss since thats the main technical thing to work out, but i haven't been able to get into steve's server
(10/13 11:29:24) Lynnutte: wouldn't hurt to ask
(10/13 11:29:27) Ghaelen D'Lareh: since we know things will probably change
(10/13 11:29:29) Veralun: they can ask for donation and sell some things because they have .com
(10/13 11:29:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: do we need some server space to work with?
(10/13 11:29:54) Shimmerillion: it depends on what steve replies
(10/13 11:29:57) Veralun: and a site will need donation in future for hosting etc
(10/13 11:30:30) Shimmerillion: yes, we can definitely put up a donation thing
(10/13 11:30:3 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, well, shim, if you don't hear from Steve, I have something that might work
(10/13 11:30:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: an idea, I mean
(10/13 11:30:43) Shimmerillion: ok great
(10/13 11:30:4 Veralun: and I recommand to ask advice for sitebuilding to Tweek and Amonre
(10/13 11:30:59) Shimmerillion: ok i'll see if we can get them onboard
(10/13 11:31:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: can we ask them?
(10/13 11:31:0 Veralun: sure Ghaelen
(10/13 11:31:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I mean, they aren't too busy?
(10/13 11:31:20) Lynnutte: never hurts to ask
(10/13 11:31:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: true
(10/13 11:31:34) Veralun: giving advise will not be the problem
(10/13 11:31:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 11:31:47) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:31:55) Shimmerillion: yeah, if anyone wants to help, i have a whole list of jobs
(10/13 11:32:01) Veralun: they might not do the job but their advice is very valuable
(10/13 11:32:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and our list of people is growing, too
(10/13 11:32:12) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:32:14) Boogihn f'toogo: what kind of jobs shim?
(10/13 11:32:22) Lynnutte: very quickly too
(10/13 11:32:26) Lynnutte: I'm sure
(10/13 11:32:26) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so one of these days we'll match people to tasks, maybe
(10/13 11:32:33) Lynnutte: I hope so
(10/13 11:32:43) Veralun: that is what I hope too
(10/13 11:33:20) Shimmerillion: designers, blog master, forum master, mods, rss, database, newsbin, tutorial writers, calendar programmer, link collector, translator
(10/13 11:33:33) Veralun: doing the job together and not a single person will give the impression that it is a Cavern thing and not an induvidual thing
(10/13 11:33:40) Lynnutte: all stuff I have no idea how to do. lol
(10/13 11:33:50) Boogihn f'toogo: ah.... jobs for smart ppl....
(10/13 11:33:5 Shimmerillion: lol well hopefully we'll get some volunteers
(10/13 11:33:59) Lynnutte: Thanks Boo
(10/13 11:34:03) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 11:34:07) Veralun: there are lots of smart ppl in the Cavern
(10/13 11:34:0 Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 11:34:12) Shimmerillion: i can do all of it except the translating, but as veralun said .. i'd rather have help
(10/13 11:34:1 Shimmerillion:
(10/13 11:34:20) Lynnutte: I'm not smart, just determined
(10/13 11:34:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, I've done most of those in one form or another, and it's not so much "hard" as a learning process and time consuming
(10/13 11:34:22) Boogihn f'toogo: that is good to hear
(10/13 11:34:25) Veralun: giving them a change will only profit the GOM
(10/13 11:34:34) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, veralun
(10/13 11:34:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and if we start small.... it won't look so big...
(10/13 11:34:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 11:35:04) Shimmerillion: the website conversation is at the myst online forums, so if you're interested in helping out, please pop over there
(10/13 11:35:15) Lynnutte: Has anyone heard of things other explorers would like to have in the cavern that GOM might be able to do?
(10/13 11:35:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have an idea
(10/13 11:35:36) Boogihn f'toogo: i am not in any loop about what is happening....
(10/13 11:35:37) Lynnutte: What?
(10/13 11:35:4 Veralun: see the discussions on the forums about the Archivists
(10/13 11:35:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it might serve a dual purpose
(10/13 11:35:56) Lynnutte: me neither Boo, that's why I ask
(10/13 11:35:59) Veralun: lots of good ideas
(10/13 11:36:09) Lynnutte: I will take a look
(10/13 11:36:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll do that too
(10/13 11:36:20) Lynnutte: What is your idea Ghaelen?
(10/13 11:36:33) Boogihn f'toogo: i was wondering about the thing that Thend was doing and Jenine was interested in .... also the archivist thing
(10/13 11:36:4 Boogihn f'toogo: are they all different?
(10/13 11:37:09) Veralun: no they are all similar what the GOM actually want to do
(10/13 11:37:33) Lynnutte: What is Thend doing?
(10/13 11:37:40) Boogihn f'toogo: last episode
(10/13 11:37:5 Lynnutte: I probably missed it, or forgot
(10/13 11:38:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, the daily updates
(10/13 11:38:10) Boogihn f'toogo: he was writing a summary of each days event s and passing them around to anyone that wanted them
(10/13 11:38:11) Lynnutte: Oh, yeah
(10/13 11:38:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, that was very nice
(10/13 11:38:24) Lynnutte: i think he is going to do that again
(10/13 11:38:31) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, it was a good way incavern to keep ppl uptodate
(10/13 11:38:32) Veralun: yes he will
(10/13 11:38:35) Lynnutte: i will ask him next time I see him
(10/13 11:38:44) Lynnutte: Yes it was
(10/13 11:39:16) Shimmerillion: but how can we get his summary to everyone? i guess this goes back to the newsletter question
(10/13 11:39:21) Ghaelen D'Lareh: anyway, I have in mind for us to gather, casually to talk, on a regular basis. One meeting here, to discuss work issues; one gathering in kirel, just to talk and pass around info to new/interested explorers
(10/13 11:39:40) Ghaelen D'Lareh: they can both be on the same day, one after the other, or on different days
(10/13 11:39:42) Lynnutte: good idea Ghaelen
(10/13 11:39:49) Boogihn f'toogo: yes,
(10/13 11:39:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: since we don't have ways to use the imagers, we will have to be the imagers, lol
(10/13 11:39:5 Lynnutte: that would give us as a group time to talk
(10/13 11:40:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:40:0 Lynnutte: And then we can talk to the other Guilds
(10/13 11:40:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, if they want to talk
(10/13 11:40:22) Lynnutte: See how we all can help each other
(10/13 11:40:29) Boogihn f'toogo: and the only public imager is in watchers pub right?
(10/13 11:40:41) Elatine: It might also be nice to have people stationed in the caven that are labeled "messenger" to help spread news and information
(10/13 11:40:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: here for messenger specific discussions, and out there for general, since the population shows for Kirel in the nexus
(10/13 11:40:52) Shimmerillion: thats a wonderful idea, elatine
(10/13 11:40:56) Lynnutte: That's an idea
(10/13 11:41:04) Elatine: similar to relayers
(10/13 11:41:06) Boogihn f'toogo: the town crier idea?
(10/13 11:41:07) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:41:09) Shimmerillion: yes
(10/13 11:41:11) Elatine: esactly
(10/13 11:41:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, the town crier idea
(10/13 11:41:16) Boogihn f'toogo: that is cool
(10/13 11:41:27) Marten: Apologies for benig late. Forgot this moved up an hour
(10/13 11:41:27) Lynnutte: hi Marten
(10/13 11:41:2 Veralun: good to see you here
(10/13 11:41:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: maybe set times, like GOG
(10/13 11:41:39) Shimmerillion: shorah, ireen
(10/13 11:41:4 ireenquench: shorah, sorry for being late
(10/13 11:41:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we each would have a time to be in Kirel or the city with all the KI messages
(10/13 11:42:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: for an hour or two
(10/13 11:42:09) Shimmerillion: yeah
(10/13 11:42:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I could do that (I think)
(10/13 11:42:22) Boogihn f'toogo: that is even better than trying to send to friends
(10/13 11:42:23) Shimmerillion: wearing a messenger shirt of course
(10/13 11:42:3 Ghaelen D'Lareh: of course (you notice I got used to the yellow....)
(10/13 11:42:3 Boogihn f'toogo: ppl wanting to know things go to Kirel and ask for newsletter
(10/13 11:42:40) Veralun: visit public hoods and ask them to put the message on their imager
(10/13 11:42:49) Shimmerillion: and it would only need to be one person per shift, so we wouldn't have to spread ourselves quite as thin
(10/13 11:42:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:43:04) Boogihn f'toogo: i could volunteer for that....
(10/13 11:43:06) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:43:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: me too
(10/13 11:43:23) Shimmerillion: yes, as long as it was a regular time each week, people could plan their schedules accordingly
(10/13 11:43:26) Lynnutte: i just asked Elatine if I could add that job to the relayers. She said yes. Would anyone else have a problem with me doing that?
(10/13 11:43:36) Shimmerillion: no, i think that's great
(10/13 11:43:3 Veralun: np
(10/13 11:43:41) Boogihn f'toogo: np
(10/13 11:43:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and we meet here once a month or so to make sure we have all the updates and messages
(10/13 11:43:46) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 11:43:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and more often during episodes
(10/13 11:44:07) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:44:12) Shimmerillion: well, once we get the website up and going, people can do their updates through the site; then lynnutte can decide which get put on the list
(10/13 11:44:16) Boogihn f'toogo: maybe add that to the gog/beg bevin orientation?
(10/13 11:44:26) Shimmerillion: yes, boo
(10/13 11:44:31) Lynnutte: k
(10/13 11:44:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that way I won't feel overwhelmed by being in the cavern and trying to put together the vidcast on the surface at the same time
(10/13 11:44:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I go bonky trying to do that
(10/13 11:44:44) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:45:02) Lynnutte: i prefer to work in the cavern
(10/13 11:45:07) Boogihn f'toogo: me too
(10/13 11:45:14) ireenquench: sorry for interrupting, are you talking about KI mails? ABOUT GoMe or a news mail?
(10/13 11:45:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and people who like to be in the cavern a lot could take longer shifts if they wanted to
(10/13 11:45:33) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:45:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Ki mails and how to make them easily accessible
(10/13 11:45:41) Shimmerillion: ireen, we're talking about stationing 1 messenger in kirel or the cavern, to be the "public imager"
(10/13 11:45:43) Boogihn f'toogo: yes.... a newsletter
(10/13 11:45:52) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@ public imager
(10/13 11:46:02) Boogihn f'toogo: i like that
(10/13 11:46:03) Shimmerillion: we would go in shifts, and explorers would approach us for the latest news
(10/13 11:46:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: the cavern crier
(10/13 11:46:0 Shimmerillion: exactly!
(10/13 11:46:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, that sounds like a newsletter title, lol
(10/13 11:46:27) Elatine: great idea! lol
(10/13 11:46:29) ireenquench: the content would have to do with GoMe or with News (busy week stuff, events, community stuff) ?
(10/13 11:46:29) Boogihn f'toogo: great!
(10/13 11:46:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: news
(10/13 11:46:39) Shimmerillion: and actually, if we were in the cavern, we could designate a specific spot to stand in, so that explorers always know where to go, regardless of who is being the crier for that day
(10/13 11:46:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: good idea
(10/13 11:46:51) Lynnutte: Good idea
(10/13 11:46:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I could stand in one spot
(10/13 11:47:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh starts to laugh
(10/13 11:47:07) Boogihn f'toogo: me too
(10/13 11:47:09) Lynnutte: so Boo, you want to volunteer for the messengers job?
(10/13 11:47:12) Shimmerillion: lol or dance in one spot
(10/13 11:47:15) Shimmerillion:
(10/13 11:47:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah
(10/13 11:47:1 Boogihn f'toogo: the town crier?
(10/13 11:47:1 Lynnutte: Or sit
(10/13 11:47:21) Boogihn f'toogo: sure!
(10/13 11:47:24) Lynnutte: Yes
(10/13 11:47:26) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 11:47:2 Lynnutte: Thanks
(10/13 11:47:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: even with just a few of us at the beginning, we could make it regular so people wil know where to come for news
(10/13 11:47:52) Shimmerillion: yes
(10/13 11:48:06) Lynnutte: i will try to get with Thend to make sure he sends the episode week updates and I will give you copies of my newsletters
(10/13 11:48:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could pass on Thends news mails, too
(10/13 11:48:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol, like minds...
(10/13 11:48:15) Shimmerillion: and we could do public announcements at first, like / shout come to the (location) for news
(10/13 11:48:16) Boogihn f'toogo: can anyone contribute to the newsletter?
(10/13 11:48:20) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 11:48:26) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:48:34) Lynnutte: yes. anyone can
(10/13 11:48:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I don't know how Thend handles his
(10/13 11:48:47) Lynnutte: for mine anyway
(10/13 11:48:51) ireenquench: I could share experiences about Thends KI chain experiment from last busy week.
(10/13 11:48:56) Lynnutte: But I'm only doing explorer events
(10/13 11:48:59) Elatine: Any upcoming events and information should be accepted, I think
(10/13 11:49:1 Shimmerillion: yes, i say events and news (whether explorer or DRC)
(10/13 11:49:19) Boogihn f'toogo: what were your experiences Ireen?
(10/13 11:49:41) Marten: My experience with the KI chain was that I only got some of them... people didn't forward on the new ones for each day :/
(10/13 11:49:54) Boogihn f'toogo: that was mine....
(10/13 11:49:56) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:50:00) ireenquench: Dont have too many editors... due to KI bugs with editing, its best a max of 2 people to actually write in the thing
(10/13 11:50:01) Lynnutte: this would elminate that
(10/13 11:50:14) Lynnutte: Ok. I'll keep that in mind
(10/13 11:50:17) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, and it sounds like we have three kinds of kimail chains so far. Episode News (mainly Thend), explorer events (Lynnutte) and guild support (Jenine)
(10/13 11:50:25) Marten: Ireen, are the KI editing bugs ticketed?
(10/13 11:50:25) Boogihn f'toogo: and Thend would only need to send it to the Crier....
(10/13 11:50:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: right, boo
(10/13 11:50:36) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:50:44) Shimmerillion: right and the Crier would pass it on to the next shift's Crier
(10/13 11:50:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and maybe the relayers could relay it to their lists, too
(10/13 11:50:50) Boogihn f'toogo: great!
(10/13 11:51:03) ireenquench: lesson 2: everytime you spread it... tell folks to pass it on, its important that the passing on idea gets across, add that to the text of the mail
(10/13 11:51:07) Lynnutte: Oops
(10/13 11:51:17) Lynnutte: Relayers are only for relaying
(10/13 11:51:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah
(10/13 11:51:25) Boogihn f'toogo: i agree...
(10/13 11:51:27) Boogihn f'toogo: whew
(10/13 11:51:29) Marten: (Relayers are people too!)
(10/13 11:51:34) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 11:51:34) Lynnutte: They get upset if I give them more work
(10/13 11:51:37) Shimmerillion: yes, and conversely the Crier should not be asked to Relay while on shift
(10/13 11:51:45) Boogihn f'toogo: agreed
(10/13 11:51:47) Lynnutte: Exactly
(10/13 11:51:56) Lynnutte: i job for each title
(10/13 11:51:59) Lynnutte: 1
(10/13 11:52:15) ireenquench: lesson 3: try to network with active other folks, "key people", of whom you know they have a whole bubble of folks to share with
(10/13 11:52:19) Marten: Right... people should know what they're signing up for. If they want to take on multiple jobs, that's their choice.
(10/13 11:52:27) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:52:31) Marten listens to Ireen
(10/13 11:52:34) Shimmerillion: Should we timestamp the newsletters for the latest update? since we're not sure if they do it automatically yet?
(10/13 11:52:3 Lynnutte: Exactly marten
(10/13 11:52:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh that's a good idea Shim
(10/13 11:53:09) Lynnutte: they do update if you update the master copy
(10/13 11:53:31) Lynnutte: But time stamping is a good idea
(10/13 11:53:35) ireenquench: lesson 4: ask greeters if they want to take a small part in the sharing aspect, if they want to receive it and take part in passing on, if the greeters agree on that you have a group of helpers in this
(10/13 11:53:59) ireenquench: since they already have volunteers permanently in cavern
(10/13 11:54:01) Lynnutte: i already have budgie helping
(10/13 11:54:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh wants to ask a question...
(10/13 11:54:1 Lynnutte: i gave her my events letters
(10/13 11:54:24) Lynnutte: what Ghaelen?
(10/13 11:54:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I should probably know this, but... do kimails take up room like images in the ki?
(10/13 11:54:49) Boogihn f'toogo: no
(10/13 11:54:49) Lynnutte shrugs
(10/13 11:54:53) Ghaelen D'Lareh: do we have to delete them after so many?
(10/13 11:54:5 Boogihn f'toogo: no
(10/13 11:55:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, thanks
(10/13 11:55:23) Lynnutte: Good thing with all the DRC messages
(10/13 11:55:29) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 11:55:30) ireenquench: another lesson: if you want to make sure the mail is not messed with, (vandalism ) there is a trick: once the final version is done put it on an imager, take a KI pic and send the KI pic as the newsletter: downside: not updateable anymore
(10/13 11:55:39) Shimmerillion: ok, so ... will the criers be passing out copies of a single KIMail, called "Latest Events," that Lynnutte updates the Master copy of?
(10/13 11:55:56) Shimmerillion: good tip, ireen
(10/13 11:55:57) Veralun: that is a good one Ireen
(10/13 11:56:13) Shimmerillion: ... or will they be new KIMails?
(10/13 11:56:14) Lynnutte: They might be passing out 4 KI messages
(10/13 11:56:19) Boogihn f'toogo: well, there are three master copies
(10/13 11:56:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: is vandalism a big problem
(10/13 11:56:23) Boogihn f'toogo: or 4
(10/13 11:56:26) Lynnutte: one from Thend
(10/13 11:56:30) Lynnutte: One from Jenine
(10/13 11:56:3 Lynnutte: And maybe 2 for me
(10/13 11:56:41) Shimmerillion: ok
(10/13 11:56:5 Lynnutte: Depends on if I keep recurring events separate from current events
(10/13 11:57:00) Veralun: is it not possible to combine them?
(10/13 11:57:11) Boogihn f'toogo: Lynnutte, will you be talking to Thed and Jenine?
(10/13 11:57:1 Lynnutte: i can combine my letters
(10/13 11:57:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: If I got an events mail, I'd like both in one
(10/13 11:57:22) ireenquench: You'd have to ask Thend, but I am not sure if he will do the KIchain for the next busy week, might need to find another volunteer for that
(10/13 11:57:23) Lynnutte: yes I will
(10/13 11:57:31) Lynnutte: Kk
(10/13 11:57:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I'd just see the recurring events over and over, lol
(10/13 11:57:35) Lynnutte: i will ask thend
(10/13 11:57:47) Shimmerillion: it seems like the two main newsletters should be: Events and News
(10/13 11:57:54) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:57:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that's good
(10/13 11:58:01) Boogihn f'toogo: that sounds good shim
(10/13 11:58:05) Shimmerillion: events can be recurring or current, and news should include episode updates but also other news
(10/13 11:58:11) Lynnutte: It will make less work too
(10/13 11:58:16) Marten: the biggest reason not to cram too much into the KI messages is that sometimes things get cut off.
(10/13 11:58:29) Boogihn f'toogo: that is true marten.
(10/13 11:58:36) Lynnutte: And they won't fit on imagers
(10/13 11:58:36) Shimmerillion: well, we can keep an archive somewhere on the surface if people really need to access old material
(10/13 11:58:45) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 11:58:55) Lynnutte: Good thing to have on the website
(10/13 11:58:5 Shimmerillion: yep
(10/13 11:58:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes
(10/13 11:59:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I do think the guild support mail is a nice one to pass out
(10/13 11:59:2 Lynnutte: me too
(10/13 11:59:37) Shimmerillion: if other people have newsletters to pass out, i don't see why we can't help them out
(10/13 11:59:43) Shimmerillion: including guild support
(10/13 12:00:06) Shimmerillion: or if some of the other guilds want to create a newsletter
(10/13 12:00:27) Shimmerillion: after all, that's still Messenging, isn't it?
(10/13 12:00:43) Boogihn f'toogo: the crier could actually function as a newspaper stand....
(10/13 12:00:50) Veralun: yes offering them to bring out such a letter would be good
(10/13 12:00:50) Shimmerillion: yeah
(10/13 12:00:5 Lynnutte: passing out newsletters from the other guilds would fall under our "domain". lol
(10/13 12:01:04) Elatine: will the crier also gather information from explorers in cavenr on upcoming events that can be added to KI mail?
(10/13 12:01:14) Shimmerillion: thats a good idea
(10/13 12:01:22) Lynnutte: we can bring that up in the all guilds meeting
(10/13 12:01:36) Lynnutte: i think they should
(10/13 12:01:44) Shimmerillion: actually, i'm hoping the website can function as a repository of all events and news - so the kimail would be generated from the master list on the website
(10/13 12:01:45) Elatine: I agree
(10/13 12:01:46) Lynnutte: It would make it easier
(10/13 12:02:10) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could have an internal kimail that we add to with information as we get it. That way I could update all of you even if I had to leave for the day
(10/13 12:02:14) Shimmerillion: in which case, the crier would be the IC/OOC liason to get it submitted
(10/13 12:02:23) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:02:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and the information would still get to the person doing that KImessage
(10/13 12:02:35) Marten: (Sorry to interrupt, has the topic touched on specific features we might like to ask Cyan for, yet?)
(10/13 12:02:57) Boogihn f'toogo: no
(10/13 12:02:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, downloadable imager mail
(10/13 12:03:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: otherwise, no
(10/13 12:03:07) Shimmerillion: actually i think we could implement it fine without any requests
(10/13 12:03:24) Marten: Yes... though I'd like to see the ability to move KI mail in _and_ out of the game.
(10/13 12:03:34) Boogihn f'toogo: that would be nice
(10/13 12:03:37) Shimmerillion: i would second that, marten
(10/13 12:03:47) Marten: And I don't know of any reason that should be forbidden. It isn't like pictures where I can understand why those are blocked for uploading.
(10/13 12:03:49) Boogihn f'toogo: there are several KI issues that i would like to address
(10/13 12:03:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and a copy/paste feature
(10/13 12:04:01) Elatine: yes
(10/13 12:04:05) Boogihn f'toogo: yes. and folders....
(10/13 12:04:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes!
(10/13 12:04:24) Boogihn f'toogo: and more room for storage...
(10/13 12:04:30) Veralun: I think that is something for the future when the Guilds are officially exepted
(10/13 12:04:44) Veralun: accepted
(10/13 12:04:55) Boogihn f'toogo: what is?
(10/13 12:05:05) Marten: Perhaps Veralun; I don't think we should be too ambitious in what we ask for now, but there are some basic and simple ideas I think that are worth requesting.
(10/13 12:05:20) Lial: I think eventually you should be able to send KImail that cannot be edited by everyone
(10/13 12:05:21) ireenquench: yes, and the technical aspect should be similarly hack prrof like the jalka game editing, def worth a feature request, same for marker games which can be used as well, in total a marker game can take more text than a KI mail, it could beutilized as well as a workround for longer texts
(10/13 12:05:29) Lial: but that an individual can delete
(10/13 12:06:27) Shimmerillion: well, i think we've made a major breakthrough today with the Crier/newsstand idea
(10/13 12:06:29) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I agree Lial
(10/13 12:06:36) Boogihn f'toogo: me too!
(10/13 12:06:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I do too, and it seems quite manageable
(10/13 12:06:53) Shimmerillion: i have to leave, though. have fun at the 5 guild and I will see you all later!
(everyone says good bye to Shimmerillion)
(10/13 12:07:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, we can start a schedule kimail, maybe...
(10/13 12:07:17) Marten: What is the 5 guild thing? It was mentioend as the reason this meeting was moved up...
(10/13 12:07:32) Marten: But... I never saw anything else posted about it at MOUL.
(10/13 12:07:33) ireenquench: The crier newsstand idea has been around for a while, by diff folks and groups, manpower and consistency has always been the tricky part
(10/13 12:07:33) Lial: I think the Guild System meeting that is later today
(10/13 12:08:16) Boogihn f'toogo: there is supposed to be one at 1pm in Kirel right?
(10/13 12:08:25) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Ireen, we thought that even with a small number of criers, the important aspect would be location and schedule
(10/13 12:08:2 Marten: that's my point. "What" Guild system meeting today? It wasn't posted under 'The Guilds' area at MOUL was it?
(10/13 12:08:42) Boogihn f'toogo: thats where i got it i think
(10/13 12:08:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: be in the same place at regular times for people to come and get news from the crier
(10/13 12:08:51) Boogihn f'toogo: im not sure though
(10/13 12:09:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: like the greeters' schedules
(10/13 12:09:14) Lial: Guild System meeting is at 2 pm today KI Time
(10/13 12:09:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: and more often during episodes
(10/13 12:09:21) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 12:09:24) ireenquench: Ok, schedule sign up could be a simple thread for now?
(10/13 12:09:25) Lynnutte: We need to recruit people from many different time zones
(10/13 12:09:25) Boogihn f'toogo: sorry
(10/13 12:09:2 Marten: Lial: Was there a MOUL announcement?
(10/13 12:09:33) Lynnutte: hi Lial
(10/13 12:09:36) Lial: Marten, it is the second meeting called by explorer JulyFT
(10/13 12:09:37) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, very simple, I hope!
(10/13 12:09:56) Lial: yes, in the Guilds part of the forum
(10/13 12:10:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: even if it is a couple hours a week per person, and twice during episodes
(10/13 12:10:06) Marten: I see 'Guild System Meeting' under The Guilds, it was last posted in on September 30....
(10/13 12:10:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that I could do, even if I am very busy on the surface
(10/13 12:10:31) Lynnutte: after this meeting, anyone interested in being a town crier, please talk to me
(10/13 12:10:36) Boogihn f'toogo: i have a lot of free time in the evening and later....
(10/13 12:10:37) Marten: And 2nd Guild system Meeting, also last posted Sept 30! OK.
(10/13 12:10:40) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 12:10:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 12:10:51) Marten: OK, it's there, that explains why I mised it.
(10/13 12:11:31) Lynnutte: Maybe we should ask for another all guilds meeting for next week sometime
(10/13 12:11:42) Marten posts in the thread to bump it up.
(10/13 12:12:01) Veralun: hehe
(10/13 12:12:02) Lynnutte: Is there one for today then?
(10/13 12:12:16) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, at 2pm

(10/13 12:12:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: now, what do you all think about a gathering in Kirel? The "public" gathering of messengers? today at the all guilds meeting would also be good just to be present.
(10/13 12:12:21) Marten: Yes, apparently there is. Just not very well publicized.
(10/13 12:12:22) Veralun: hi Thend
(everyone says hello to Thend)
(10/13 12:12:43) Marten: I'll attend, while I'm doing other work on the side here.
(10/13 12:12:47) Thend: Thought it started at 12 lol Hupsa
(10/13 12:13:07) Lynnutte: are you doing the content update newsletter this next episode?
(10/13 12:13:1 Thend: KI Chain? Yes
(10/13 12:13:22) Lynnutte: Good.
(10/13 12:13:31) ireenquench: I am semi-hosting LCs Minkata party later today, cant go to the all guild meeting
(10/13 12:13:37) Lynnutte: We are starting town criers to hand out newsletters to explorers
(10/13 12:13:50) Marten: Note: I suspect the poor publicity for the Guild meeting contributed to Lord Chaos dropping that dance over the top of it.
(10/13 12:13:57) Marten: Heh, Ireen, I was typing that as you said that.
(10/13 12:14:01) Lynnutte: Could you give us the updates during the episode?
(10/13 12:14:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ah, lol. now I have to decide
(10/13 12:14:14) ireenquench: Oh shoot, I hadnt even noticed that conflicted :S
(10/13 12:14:21) Thend: Who?
(10/13 12:14:26) Lynnutte: I am
(10/13 12:14:2 Marten: Fortunately, I have two PCs... I can attend both. MUAHAH!
(10/13 12:14:36) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 12:14:37) Lynnutte: wish I could Marten
(10/13 12:14:3 Thend starts to laugh
(10/13 12:14:3 ireenquench laughs
(10/13 12:14:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:14:56) Lynnutte: it was Elatine's idea, but she said I could do it. lol
(10/13 12:15:57) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Should I add a section in the people resource list on MOUL for people interested in being Cavern Criers?
(10/13 12:16:05) Lynnutte: yes please
(10/13 12:16:12) Elatine: I think so
(10/13 12:16:12) Veralun: good idea
(10/13 12:16:14) ireenquench: Lynnute, not sure if you had discussed this... but did you see Jenine's KI newsletter idea? Might want to ask her if she wants to join in the pool?
(10/13 12:16:34) Lynnutte: no, but I was planning on talking with her
(10/13 12:16:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, I'll do that, so when we talk afterward I'll note everyone's name
(10/13 12:16:50) Lynnutte: i thought she was doing a guild newsletter
(10/13 12:17:01) Lynnutte: Ty Ghaelen
(10/13 12:17:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: she is, is she doing another one?
(10/13 12:17:11) Lynnutte: We would want to pass that along too
(10/13 12:17:1 Lynnutte: Ok, I will talk to her
(10/13 12:17:22) Lynnutte: Ty\
(10/13 12:17:34) ireenquench: I am not quite sure what the core focus of her kimailes content would be
(10/13 12:18:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have one other item I'd like to discuss, and see how you all feel about whether it could/should be somewhere in any KImail
(10/13 12:18:49) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 12:19:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: The audio/video surface newsy/explorer programs
(10/13 12:19:3 Lynnutte: What about them?
(10/13 12:20:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh: not sure, but to let people know if the event has been recorded and is available on the surface
(10/13 12:20:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so they can see themselves or parts of the episode, or hear about it in a podcast
(10/13 12:20:39) Thend: How about the audio broadcasts as 'shows' down here for those that wish to immerse themselves?
(10/13 12:20:40) Lynnutte: There has been a lot of controversy lately about video recording in the cavern
(10/13 12:20:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I wish we could show them in cavern, thend
(10/13 12:21:02) Lynnutte: That's an interesting idea Thend
(10/13 12:21:12) Lynnutte: Adio you can
(10/13 12:21:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: really Lynnutte? I hadn't heard that
(10/13 12:21:17) Lynnutte: Yes
(10/13 12:21:24) Lynnutte: Go to GOG and ask them
(10/13 12:21:29) Lial: I think the controversy is about candid camera style recording
(10/13 12:21:3 Lynnutte: They had someone recording and sending it to a website]
(10/13 12:21:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, sure. audio how? the relto player?
(10/13 12:21:43) Lial: not about recording at events
(10/13 12:21:52) Thend: Not the vodeo, of course, ghaelen, but the audio. vid has done that sort of In-Cavern thing for a year-and-a-half with SWN Tab-Speak. The technology is there, and it's easy
(10/13 12:21:54) Lynnutte: voice chat
(10/13 12:21:54) ireenquench: You could broadcast audio either through voice or shoutcast; i think that would be really nice, even get a wider audience for the audio stuff
(10/13 12:22:06) Lynnutte: i like that idea
(10/13 12:22:11) Thend: Not shoutcast
(10/13 12:22:17) ireenquench: and it would make for another thing that catually happens in the cavern
(10/13 12:22:20) Lynnutte: But, you can't would need voice actors
(10/13 12:22:44) Lynnutte: Someone who can do radio plays
(10/13 12:22:5 Thend: Not necessarily on voice actors, though could be good. Just the broadcast of half hour formatted blocks of interesting pieces
(10/13 12:23:0 Lynnutte: True
(10/13 12:23:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: neat
(10/13 12:23:1 Thend: for an audience in attendance
(10/13 12:23:23) Lynnutte: i like the idea of having that in cavern
(10/13 12:23:42) Thend: Everything is usually already recorded, just schedule 2 shows a week with the content
(10/13 12:23:45) Boogihn f'toogo: announce it prior to.... so ppl could plan to attend?
(10/13 12:23:46) Ghaelen D'Lareh: after mid-November, thend, I'd like to talk to you about that. It sounds like part of what I have in mind
(10/13 12:23:51) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:23:57) Lynnutte: You could have it playing in a continuous loopin a bevin
(10/13 12:24:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh cool
(10/13 12:24:15) Thend: every Surface based organizartion could do that, within reason
(10/13 12:24:21) ireenquench: ghaelen, on your original question... I think there is has to be made a sensitive case by case decision... I was not even aware until recently so many people feel awkward about being filmed or logged
(10/13 12:24:23) Lynnutte: That way anyone can drop in and listen
(10/13 12:24:29) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok. now... how to get that as video also on the hood/relto/classroom imagers....when it's ok
(10/13 12:24:44) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:24:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh 's ears start smoking
(10/13 12:24:5 Boogihn f'toogo: another request for our wish list
(10/13 12:25:02) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:25:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: audio/radio plays are a lot of fun
(10/13 12:25:06) Veralun: future things Ghaelen
(10/13 12:25:09) Thend: Maybe Lynette, the thing is the time, plus making it something special, and if anyone wants to hear more, they will have an addy in a KImail
(10/13 12:25:11) Veralun: not possible yet
(10/13 12:25:11) Lynnutte: who is keeping track of the wish list?
(10/13 12:25:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:25:49) Boogihn f'toogo: i thought marten was....
(10/13 12:26:01) Boogihn f'toogo: is there more than what was in this meeting?
(10/13 12:26:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I have piped in music via voice chat, so I suppose the radio plays would be the same thing
(10/13 12:26:10) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:26:17) Lynnutte: We need to add being able to pipe music or radio plays into a bevin without having to have an avie present all the time
(10/13 12:26:19) Boogihn f'toogo: i can go back through the chatlog later and make a list
(10/13 12:26:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh good, Boo
(10/13 12:26:42) Lynnutte: Ty Boo
(10/13 12:26:43) Boogihn f'toogo: ok i will do that
(10/13 12:27:13) Lynnutte: i love these brainstorming sessions
(10/13 12:27:52) Thend: Lynnutte, need to start with what wwe got. Tab-Speak, something folks wanna attend special, like the SWN's, and that they don't need to have a music player/web addy to listen to. Your idea has merit too, not sure if possible yet though
(10/13 12:28:15) Lynnutte: Not possible yet, but I can dream. lol
(10/13 12:28:23) Lynnutte: i agree. Start with what we have
(10/13 12:28:26) Boogihn f'toogo: wb
(10/13 12:28:44) Thend: Attendance for events creates more attendance, like folks tuning in to and discussing TV show broaadcasts
(10/13 12:28:49) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:28:55) Lynnutte: True. i never thought of that
(10/13 12:29:03) Marten: Sorry, I'm not managing the wish list  Someone has a log, yes?
(10/13 12:29:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol. the auditorium will need cushy seats
(10/13 12:29:0 Lynnutte: boo is
(10/13 12:29:15) Lynnutte: Recliners
(10/13 12:29:1 Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 12:29:19) Lial: it is a small group, but Tab-Chat can't be done using the Mac client
(10/13 12:29:22) Lynnutte: And a popcorn machine
(10/13 12:29:2 Lynnutte: Consession stand
(10/13 12:29:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lolol
(10/13 12:29:34) Lial: so Mac people can't participate
(10/13 12:29:39) Lynnutte: Awww
(10/13 12:29:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh misses essjay's catering services
(10/13 12:29:54) Lynnutte: Can they still listen?
(10/13 12:29:57) Lial: yes
(10/13 12:29:5 Thend: Lial, that is unfortunate in so many ways
(10/13 12:30:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: not as listeners?
(10/13 12:30:00) Lynnutte: Ok
(10/13 12:30:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 12:30:07) Thend: Oh, listen still? Alright then
(10/13 12:30:15) Lial: we can listen, but can't speak via voice chat
(10/13 12:30:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: they could send the file to another person to pipe in
(10/13 12:30:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: darn, Lial
(10/13 12:30:35) Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:30:49) Lynnutte: you can still type though
(10/13 12:31:00) Lial: yes
(10/13 12:31:0 Lynnutte: i have to do that because my laptop hates cheap microphones
(10/13 12:31:17) Lial: but probably not fast or accurately enough
(10/13 12:31:21) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:31:31) Thend: Practice, practice, practice lol
(10/13 12:31:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: The Guild of Messengers Presents! "Cavern Radio Theater"
(10/13 12:31:50) Lynnutte: i like that!
(10/13 12:31:50) Thend 's still working on the accuracy part
(10/13 12:32:03) Thend: Exactly ghaelen
(10/13 12:32:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: too bad it is so close to Halloween
(10/13 12:32:25) Lynnutte: maybe we could get people to create radio plays too
(10/13 12:32:36) Veralun: lol
(10/13 12:32:36) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we could have a haunted hood radio program
(10/13 12:32:41) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:32:49) Lynnutte: i would love a haunted hood
(10/13 12:33:02) Elatine: radio plays of DRC visits would be great for those who don't like to read logs...
(10/13 12:33:02) Thend: Yes. It is all possible. Start small though. Anything that gets too big too fast will burn out and never get done
(10/13 12:33:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh yeah, I agree thend
(10/13 12:33:12) Boogihn f'toogo: agreed
(10/13 12:33:15) Lynnutte: Agreed
(10/13 12:33:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and it all takes work and follow-up
(10/13 12:33:23) Lynnutte: But planning ahead is good too
(10/13 12:33:2 Thend nods his head
(10/13 12:33:41) Thend: And imagination
(10/13 12:33:42) Lynnutte reminds herself to take things one at a time
(10/13 12:33:50) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:34:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think there's no shortage of imagination here, lol. Time maybe
(10/13 12:34:21) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:34:30) Boogihn f'toogo: and in my case ability
(10/13 12:34:32) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 12:34:43) Lynnutte: You do what you can with what you have
(10/13 12:34:45) Thend: With everything discussed here, it has to be fun, for both those doing it and the audience, and useful, something folks need/want, oh, and free, folks love free stuff
(10/13 12:34:46) Lynnutte: We all do
(10/13 12:34:5 Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:35:09) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 12:35:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: just a matter of learning, Boo. There seem to me a lot of teachers here, too
(10/13 12:35:12) Lynnutte: Yes it does
(10/13 12:35:40) Boogihn f'toogo: that donation you mentioned earlier
(10/13 12:35:42) Marten: Ghaelen had a nice thread at MOUL for people to offer what they can do/teach.
(10/13 12:35:4 Veralun: imagination enough here
(10/13 12:35:52) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:35:5 Lynnutte: And that's freee
(10/13 12:36:04) Boogihn f'toogo: i will look at that marten. tanks
(10/13 12:36:06) Boogihn f'toogo: thanks
(10/13 12:36:29) Thend: ghaelen, I wish there were more classes here. So many knowledgey folks with such interesting information, and so many that might not even realize it's out there
(10/13 12:36:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think there will be Thend
(10/13 12:36:50) Boogihn f'toogo: i agree thend!!!
(10/13 12:36:51) Thend: D'ni History, Language, Numbers, etc, etc, etc
(10/13 12:36:57) Elatine: a learning annex/neighborhood would be great!
(10/13 12:37:02) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes!
(10/13 12:37:03) Lynnutte: i would love a language class
(10/13 12:37:0 Lynnutte: And history
(10/13 12:37:1 Boogihn f'toogo: wasnt there a bevin like that once?
(10/13 12:37:19) Thend: Ian Watson had an awesome class once
(10/13 12:37:22) Marten: Yeah... so many ideas.
(10/13 12:37:24) Veralun: and filming and acting and writing etc
(10/13 12:37:27) Thend: Or twice lol
(10/13 12:37:2 Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:37:2 Elatine: Guild of Teachers
(10/13 12:37:34) Boogihn f'toogo: yes!
(10/13 12:37:34) Lynnutte: Good ideas
(10/13 12:37:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I think I posted about my dream for learning alcoves in the guild pubs
(10/13 12:37:50) Marten: I had some history class ideas planned too ... the writeups are available FREE!!! to anyone who wants a starting ponit
(10/13 12:37:52) Marten: point
(10/13 12:37:53) ireenquench: I can just tell from my personal experience it tends to drain you if you are not a bigger group supporting each other
(10/13 12:37:59) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:38:01) Boogihn f'toogo: yay
(10/13 12:38:02) Thend: Nice ghaelen
(10/13 12:38:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh: each alcove a place to learn something different
(10/13 12:38:14) Lynnutte: Agreed ireen
(10/13 12:38:16) ireenquench: so network network network
(10/13 12:38:16) Thend: Lol Marten
(10/13 12:38:22) Veralun: agree Ireen
(10/13 12:38:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@Marten
(10/13 12:38:25) Boogihn f'toogo: very good advice ireen
(10/13 12:38:3 Thend nods to ireen
(10/13 12:38:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I've also learned that if we do something continuously and not more than the size of the group can handle on that day it does grow, even if slowly
(10/13 12:39:06) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:39:25) Marten: A big challenge for me is the things I feel most comfortable offering are all positioned outside of the Cavern.
(10/13 12:39:3 Thend: Continually is a good point. Whatever is done should be on a regular schedule, or the momentum is hard to keep going
(10/13 12:39:43) Lynnutte: then you are perfect for sstuff outside the cavern
(10/13 12:39:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well, coming to gatherings/meetings count, Marten. Ideas count!
(10/13 12:39:55) Thend: Marten, I'm shocked! O.o
(10/13 12:40:01) Lynnutte: Some people like getting info outside the cavern
(10/13 12:40:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yes, like me. I like both
(10/13 12:40:21) Lynnutte: i have no skills to offer outside the cavern
(10/13 12:40:23) Boogihn f'toogo: or eventually marten, you could be the link for getting the outside inside
(10/13 12:40:31) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:40:42) Lynnutte: Everyone has something to contribute
(10/13 12:40:50) ireenquench: I understand Marten, Cavern work is harder, mostly due to technical limitations in the Cavern and a bit more time consuming and scheduling oriented, takes more effort
(10/13 12:40:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: to me the immersion continues on the forums, in the podcasts, vidcasts, chats, emails, etc
(10/13 12:40:55) Thend: Thing is, subscription-wise, forums are only a smaller piece, In-Cavern is what matters and what is being looked at. A chance in perception of folks is very crucial
(10/13 12:41:01) Veralun: that makes the GOM so unique
(10/13 12:41:05) Marten: I do have an idea for an external resource.
(10/13 12:41:17) Thend: change*
(10/13 12:41:17) Lynnutte: What is it?
(10/13 12:41:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: do tell!
(10/13 12:41:3 Boogihn f'toogo: i so agree with you thend!
(10/13 12:41:45) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:42:13) Lynnutte: but outside sources will keep people involved who can not get in the cavern. Like if they are at work. lol
(10/13 12:42:15) Thend: We need new folks, and to keep the 'old' ones, can't avoid it
(10/13 12:42:27) Marten: Does anyone remember the "go.to" "jump.to" "link.to" type service? It allowed a person to create a website name, like 'go.to/uru" and it worked as a shorthand to link you to a website, such as www.mystonline.com.
(10/13 12:42:40) Thend: Understood, Lynnutte
(10/13 12:42:49) Lynnutte: i've never heard of it.
(10/13 12:42:53) Thend shakes his head
(10/13 12:42:54) Boogihn f'toogo: me either.
(10/13 12:43:00) Veralun: yes I know Marten
(10/13 12:43:57) Marten: My idea was to create a service like that for Uru, and combine it with a directory.
(10/13 12:43:57) ireenquench: not sure what you mean
(10/13 12:44:06) Lynnutte: i like that idea
(10/13 12:44:1 Lynnutte: That would give everyone one place to see what is available
(10/13 12:44:24) Lial: how would it work? I am not familiar with it
(10/13 12:44:35) Veralun: so you mean to make your own "site " and link to whatever?
(10/13 12:44:37) Marten: If you went to the "root" website, you'd get a directory. Something like mystembassy's nexus but organized a little more nicely.
(10/13 12:45:00) Marten: But if you appended a name, it might act as a forwarding system to another website.
(10/13 12:45:01) Thend: Lynnutte and Marten, one place with a lot of links to everything, yes
(10/13 12:45:1 Marten: I've had a specific domain name under my eye for a while. It's still available.
(10/13 12:45:25) Marten: http://rel.to/
(10/13 12:45:34) ireenquench laughs
(10/13 12:45:34) Lynnutte: lol I like it!
(10/13 12:45:36) Lial: lol
(10/13 12:45:40) Boogihn f'toogo: i love it!
(10/13 12:45:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol you should register that
(10/13 12:45:41) Elatine nods her head
(10/13 12:45:47) Marten: So a person could go to rel.to/uru and it would take them to mystonline.com
(10/13 12:46:05) Marten: Or rel.to/messengers, or rel.to/gome, and either would link to the messengers website
(10/13 12:46:06) Lynnutte: i say go for it Marten. It's a good idea
(10/13 12:46:22) ireenquench: sounds cool
(10/13 12:46:29) Marten: rel.to/writers to the writers website... rel.to/drc to the drc site...
(10/13 12:46:41) Boogihn f'toogo thinks it is great....nice and simple.....
(10/13 12:46:44) Thend: Marten, how does this differ from just clicking on a shiny colorful link on a central database website?
(10/13 12:47:02) Marten: It would also provide that. If you just go to rel.to, you'd get a directory.
(10/13 12:47:13) Lynnutte: we could add it to one of the news letters to get the word out about it.
(10/13 12:47:23) Boogihn f'toogo: it means you only have to remember one address
(10/13 12:47:24) Lynnutte: After you have it ready of course
(10/13 12:47:26) ireenquench: I gotta go, starting the party stuff and I need to relog and focus on buggy KI, ride the KI like a bull etc
(10/13 12:47:27) Marten: The benefit for others is if they want a short URL for their site, this is about as short as you need.
(10/13 12:47:34) Lynnutte: bye Ireen
(10/13 12:47:37) Thend is confused by the addy tech-speak, but he gets confused easily
(10/13 12:47:41) ireenquench waves goodbye
(10/13 12:47:46) Boogihn f'toogo: bye ireen
(10/13 12:47:46) Thend: Seeya ireen
(10/13 12:47:47) Veralun: bye
(10/13 12:47:47) Marten: KI messages directing people to the guild of greeters could say 'rel.to/gog' for example.
(10/13 12:47:4 Ghaelen D'Lareh: bye Ireen!
(10/13 12:47:50) Elatine: bye ireen
(10/13 12:47:50) Boogihn f'toogo: thanks
(10/13 12:48:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: that is a great idea Marten
(10/13 12:49:07) Marten: OK. I will talk to some people about pulling together the resources to make this happen then.
(10/13 12:49:24) Lynnutte: let me know when you have it up.
(10/13 12:49:25) Lial: what are the costs associated with running a service like that?
(10/13 12:49:30) Lynnutte: then we can advertise it
(10/13 12:49:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we can make the addys part of the KI mails the criers send
(10/13 12:49:41) Lial: are they nominal - would you have to ask for contributions?
(10/13 12:49:49) Lynnutte: Good idea Ghaelen
(10/13 12:50:00) Marten: If I find the right people, FREE!!!  ... forwarding is very little bandwidth. It wouldn't be hosting videos or anything.
(10/13 12:50:05) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:50:13) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:50:13) Veralun: subdomains is free
(10/13 12:50:17) Lynnutte: We like Free
(10/13 12:50:26) Marten: The top level domain is $50 per year.
(10/13 12:50:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: for the name or the hosting?
(10/13 12:50:4 Veralun: www.v3.com
(10/13 12:50:49) Marten: Just for the name, "rel.to"
(10/13 12:50:57) Thend: Unless we use a Central database as the only addy in the KImails for simplicity's sake, then folks would click on GoG's or whatever link when they got there, I'd say Marten's idea has merit
(10/13 12:51:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, because of the way it works, Marten?
(10/13 12:51:11) Lynnutte: i do too
(10/13 12:51:14) Marten: Veralun: tonic.to is the registrar.
(10/13 12:51:23) Lynnutte: that would give them access to everything
(10/13 12:51:27) Veralun: ok
(10/13 12:51:33) Boogihn f'toogo: i think it is a great idea ....
(10/13 12:51:47) Marten: Ghaelen, just as 'caverncommunicationsnetwork.com' the name has to be registered and paid, so do .to domains... but .to charges a bit more than .com.
(10/13 12:51:49) Boogihn f'toogo: i would contribute to the shipping costs lol
(10/13 12:52:02) Lynnutte: Lol
(10/13 12:52:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, I get it Marten
(10/13 12:52:30) Marten: But I can handle the domain registration. I'll need to pick someone as a secondary in case something ever happened to me.
(10/13 12:52:40) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 12:52:40) Thend gasps
(10/13 12:52:42) Lynnutte: But not me
(10/13 12:52:49) Boogihn f'toogo backs out of the room really fast
(10/13 12:52:53) Marten: I'll probably talk to Tweek.
(10/13 12:52:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 12:52:5 Lynnutte: K
(10/13 12:53:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I can help if you need, Marten.
(10/13 12:53:52) Marten: Noted.
(10/13 12:54:06) Ghaelen D'Lareh: shall I post a pic of our gathering on the imager?
(10/13 12:54:10) Lynnutte: Sure
(10/13 12:55:24) Lynnutte: is there anything else we need to discuss?
(10/13 12:55:25) Thend: Btw, ireen had this notion she talked to alahmat & Tweek, a database of all chatlogs eva, searchable in every way possible, timed and dated, etc. Some mentions of it maybe being possible to add to existing sites, but nothing conclusive, so re-mentioning here as I think it's a top idea to at least think about
(10/13 12:56:31) Boogihn f'toogo: is that separate from the archivists or part of it?
(10/13 12:56:52) Veralun: I think part of it
(10/13 12:57:1 Marten: I know Tweek is working on a chat log archive.
(10/13 12:57:34) Thend: It can be whatever, Googihn, just I think with that sort of information, communication of ideas would be far easier, etc
(10/13 12:57:35) Lynnutte: That is a great idea
(10/13 12:57:59) Boogihn f'toogo: oh i agree
(10/13 12:58:16) Boogihn f'toogo: i just hate duplication of efforts.... lol
(10/13 12:58:21) Lynnutte: me too
(10/13 12:58:30) Thend: Yes Marten, not sure how exactly his or alahmats things fit the bill, this would be pretty all-encompassingly focused, but if it gets dione, whatever is fine
(10/13 12:58:30) Lynnutte: waste of energy and time
(10/13 12:58:30) Boogihn f'toogo: thought if it was different...maybe they could work together....
(10/13 12:58:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: right
(10/13 12:58:33) Veralun: yes a lot of info is already existing
(10/13 12:58:57) Thend: ireen has been in discussion with them
(10/13 12:59:03) Veralun: just need to combine all those info and skills
(10/13 12:59:11) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:00:2 Lynnutte: Hi Kalypso
(10/13 13:00:29) Kalypso: Hello
(Everyone says hi to kalypso)
(10/13 13:05:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: so we just need to sign up for the crier role and maybe start a schedule
(10/13 13:05:22) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I can do a shift
(10/13 13:05:36) Kalypso: So do I
(10/13 13:05:49) Boogihn f'toogo: mme too
(10/13 13:05:59) Elatine: I can take one, as well
(10/13 13:06:00) Thend cries freelance
(10/13 13:06:07) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 13:06:13) Kalypso: And maybe try to recruit other peopel while on crier mode?
(10/13 13:06:15) Boogihn f'toogo: you are one of the main contributors
(10/13 13:06:17) Veralun: can do too
(10/13 13:06:39) Veralun: will be half Dutch/English
(10/13 13:06:40) Veralun: lol
(10/13 13:07:24) Veralun: which brings me to the idea to do one in German and maybe another language
(10/13 13:07:32) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:07:3 Boogihn f'toogo: that is a great idea!
(10/13 13:07:40) Ghaelen D'Lareh: great idea Veralun
(10/13 13:08:09) Veralun: translaters enough to find on the forum
(10/13 13:08:37) Marten: [Domain name registered]
(10/13 13:08:44) Veralun: wow
(10/13 13:08:44) Boogihn f'toogo: yippee!!!
(10/13 13:08:45) Elatine: yay!
(10/13 13:08:59) Thend smiles at Marten
(10/13 13:09:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we'll start a thread on the MOUL forum too, but for now, who would like to sign up? Names and KI#'s OK?
(10/13 13:09:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh: yay, Marten!
(10/13 13:11:37) Boogihn f'toogo: i believe everyone but Marten and Thend volunteered that are here right now
(10/13 13:11:47) Elatine: I'd like to be added, please!
(10/13 13:11:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:12:07) Marten: Alas, I don't think I'll have time for this particular item.
(10/13 13:12:09) Boogihn f'toogo: and they volunteered for a ton of other stuff
(10/13 13:12:12) Veralun: yes
(10/13 13:12:55) Boogihn f'toogo: actually Marten and Thend, if you did this too, then i wouldnt have anything to do
(10/13 13:12:57) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 13:12:59) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol, Kalypso?
(10/13 13:13:10) Thend: Wb Lynutte. Thank Yahvo. It was sheer chaos while you were gone
(10/13 13:13:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: lolol
(10/13 13:13:1 Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(10/13 13:13:20) Elatine giggles
(10/13 13:13:23) Thend: Lol Boogihn
(10/13 13:13:27) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:13:41) Lynnutte: I want the Cavern Crier list please
(10/13 13:14:13) Boogihn f'toogo: Elatine, Veralun, Ghaelen, Boo
(10/13 13:14:27) Ghaelen D'Lareh: Marten, Thend, do you want the list?

(10/13 13:14:29) Thend: Lynutte, Marten established a domain, the Crier list is being distributed, uhm, and other stuff
(10/13 13:14:50) Thend: Sure Ghaelen, for reference, etc
(10/13 13:15:20) Lynnutte: I will create a new avie for cavern crier
(10/13 13:15:26) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:15:27) Thend: Thanks
(10/13 13:15:27) Boogihn f'toogo: me too
(10/13 13:15:37) Lynnutte: should we make a cavern crier bevin?
(10/13 13:15:52) Lynnutte: and put all news letters on the imager?
(10/13 13:16:15) Thend thinks one cannot have too many avvies *goes into Relto Closet* - 'Who shall I be today?'
(10/13 13:16:23) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:16:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I actually have a criar avie I could use and she could join a new hood...
(10/13 13:16:2 Lynnutte: That's how I feel thend
(10/13 13:16:31) Boogihn f'toogo: rofl @Thend
(10/13 13:16:31) From Veralun: same here Thend
(10/13 13:16:36) From Veralun: oops
(10/13 13:16:43) Lynnutte: ok. I'll creat the hood after this meeting
(10/13 13:16:46) Veralun: same here Thend
(10/13 13:16:47) Elatine: will we be called criers or messengers?
(10/13 13:17:01) Lynnutte: Cavern messengers?
(10/13 13:17:03) Boogihn f'toogo: ohhhhhh
(10/13 13:17:05) Thend: Criers, I'd imagine, like Relayers, and Moderators
(10/13 13:17:14) Lynnutte: Cavern Messengers? or Cavern Criers
(10/13 13:17:23) Boogihn f'toogo: i like Cavern Criers
(10/13 13:17:24) Lynnutte: Criers looks better to me
(10/13 13:17:31) Elatine: we just want the role to be obvious from the name
(10/13 13:17:39) Thend: And simple to type, I mean say
(10/13 13:17:39) Lynnutte: Since we are all messengers in some way
(10/13 13:17:50) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:17:54) Boogihn f'toogo: and because of that
(10/13 13:18:01) Boogihn f'toogo: we might cause confusion....
(10/13 13:18:05) Lynnutte: Cavern News Criers?
(10/13 13:18:06) Boogihn f'toogo: too many messengers...
(10/13 13:18:23) Lynnutte: Cavern Paperboys?
(10/13 13:18:27) Thend: Just Criers, or Cavern Criers if one is being uber-technical lol
(10/13 13:18:27) Boogihn f'toogo: haha
(10/13 13:18:29) Lynnutte: I mean people
(10/13 13:18:37) Thend: Lol Lynnutte
(10/13 13:18:44) Boogihn f'toogo: i like Cavern Criers..... simple and to the point
(10/13 13:18:4 Thend: Cavern Paperpeoples
(10/13 13:18:51) Boogihn f'toogo: haha
(10/13 13:18:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I like Cavern Criers
(10/13 13:19:10) Lynnutte: I like Cavern Criers. Can put [Crier] infront of the avie name if you want
(10/13 13:19:21) Boogihn f'toogo: yes, that sounds good
(10/13 13:19:39) Boogihn f'toogo: i have a dumb question
(10/13 13:19:46) Lynnutte: no such thing Boo
(10/13 13:19:47) Veralun: I think I will need an extra account for Uru Live
(10/13 13:19:52) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:19:55) Lynnutte: What Boo
(10/13 13:20:06) Thend: Folks will probably expect a Crier to be able to fill them in on the news, or other information, too, maybe not just what they are currently crying about, btw
(10/13 13:20:07) Boogihn f'toogo: when i make this avi....does it need to have Boogihn as the name or can i have another name
(10/13 13:20:11) Ghaelen D'Lareh: with more sub-accounts
(10/13 13:20:24) Lynnutte: Yolu can use whatever name you want
(10/13 13:20:29) Boogihn f'toogo:
(10/13 13:20:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: it can be any name
(10/13 13:20:33) Veralun: we do not have subaccounts official Ghaelen
(10/13 13:20:34) Lynnutte: ust let me know it's you please
(10/13 13:20:35) Thend: Except Thend, that's taken
(10/13 13:20:37) Lynnutte: i get confused
(10/13 13:20:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: awwww
(10/13 13:20:46) Boogihn f'toogo: lol np
(10/13 13:20:49) Marten chuckles
(10/13 13:20:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: protest, veralun!
(10/13 13:20:57) Veralun: yes
(10/13 13:21:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@Thend
(10/13 13:22:46) Boogihn f'toogo: to get back to Thend's point, what do you suggest, Thend.... maybe we should read up on the news forums or ....?
(10/13 13:23:0 Boogihn f'toogo: to make sure we are up to speed?
(10/13 13:23:09) Lynnutte: Well, if Thend is giving us the updates in his newsletter....
(10/13 13:23:33) Thend: Well, stay informed Boogihn, maintain a good network, the stuff we wanna encourage EVERYone to do along with any information we can provide folks
(10/13 13:23:34) Lynnutte: he could keep us up to date
(10/13 13:23:45) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:23:4 Ghaelen D'Lareh: wow, I hope I don't have to know all the Cavern news as well as all the surface news, both virtual and in real life... ack
(10/13 13:24:02) Lynnutte: that would be a bit much
(10/13 13:24:06) Boogihn f'toogo: oh... like be able to answer questions about happenings or the cavern itself...
(10/13 13:24:0 Ghaelen D'Lareh falls over
(10/13 13:24:30) Veralun helps Ghaelen
(10/13 13:24:36) Thend: Uhm, you can leave out Surface news (except Uru stuff, of course) thank you very much lol
(10/13 13:24:41) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:24:53) Lynnutte: Cavern news only. I like that
(10/13 13:24:5 Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, good
(10/13 13:25:01) Lynnutte: makes less work. lol
(10/13 13:25:19) Thend: Remember we can direct folks to Greeters, Beginners, the Notebooks found in the Cavern, etc, too
(10/13 13:25:31) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:25:35) Boogihn f'toogo: excellent point!
(10/13 13:25:40) Thend: It will strengthen everyone's networks/organizations
(10/13 13:25:43) Boogihn f'toogo: yes
(10/13 13:25:47) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok, I think we should start a thread on the MOUL forum for people to sign up for the Criers, and I'll add them to the people resources list.
(10/13 13:26:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: We can do a thread for the schedule that is editable, maybe?
(10/13 13:26:05) Lynnutte: If people want help with puzzles, we should also steer them to the helping bevins
(10/13 13:26:10) Boogihn f'toogo: one more question.....
(10/13 13:26:1 Ghaelen D'Lareh: k
(10/13 13:26:24) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:26:2 Lynnutte: Ghalen, do you want to handle that?
(10/13 13:26:33) Boogihn f'toogo: are the Criers only for the episode week?
(10/13 13:26:36) Ghaelen D'Lareh: the schedule thread?
(10/13 13:26:37) Lynnutte: The thread?
(10/13 13:26:41) Lynnutte: yes
(10/13 13:26:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:26:53) Boogihn f'toogo: or ongoing?
(10/13 13:27:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: then I can compile the KImail with names and ki numbers, too
(10/13 13:27:04) Lynnutte: on going
(10/13 13:27:10) Thend: Awesome
(10/13 13:27:10) Ghaelen D'Lareh: on going in my mind
(10/13 13:27:11) Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:27:11) Boogihn f'toogo: cool!
(10/13 13:27:40) Boogihn f'toogo: so we could have a set schedule eventually....
(10/13 13:27:44) Ghaelen D'Lareh: for example, I can be in the cavern, in a spot for two hours every Monday from I don't know noon to 2pm KItime
(10/13 13:27:4 Lynnutte: eventually
(10/13 13:27:55) Boogihn f'toogo: very good
(10/13 13:28:03) Ghaelen D'Lareh: something like that
(10/13 13:28:15) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and I'll stand there, wave, chat, and send KImails out
(10/13 13:28:19) Lynnutte: yes
(10/13 13:28:42) Boogihn f'toogo: i am really excited about this
(10/13 13:28:45) Lynnutte: We do need to get dedicated people for this
(10/13 13:28:45) Ghaelen D'Lareh: does someone want to make a Cavern Crier Hood?
(10/13 13:28:47) Thend will wave back and smile and stuff
(10/13 13:28:53) Boogihn f'toogo: i will
(10/13 13:28:56) Lynnutte: I will after the meeting
(10/13 13:28:56) Ghaelen D'Lareh roars with laughter
(10/13 13:29:00) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:29:02) Boogihn f'toogo: ok....lynn can
(10/13 13:29:02) Veralun: do we dress ourselves special as crier?
(10/13 13:29:12) Ghaelen D'Lareh: messenger shirts?
(10/13 13:29:12) Lynnutte: Wear messengers shirts
(10/13 13:29:17) Veralun: sure
(10/13 13:29:1 Elatine: yes
(10/13 13:29:21) Boogihn f'toogo: hmmm
(10/13 13:29:23) Veralun: and high hats?
(10/13 13:29:25) Lynnutte: that will help i think
(10/13 13:29:2 Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:29:2 Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:29:29) Thend: And St Patricks Hats
(10/13 13:29:30) Lynnutte: no hats
(10/13 13:29:31) Ghaelen D'Lareh: and wings
(10/13 13:29:34) Veralun: yeah
(10/13 13:29:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh
(10/13 13:29:37) Thend: And wings, yes
(10/13 13:29:37) Lynnutte: I look awful in hats
(10/13 13:29:39) Ghaelen D'Lareh: no hats?
(10/13 13:29:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:29:41) Marten: /facepalm

(10/13 13:29:44) Boogihn f'toogo: we need something to set us apart....
(10/13 13:29:44) Lynnutte: I like the wings though
(10/13 13:29:55) Marten: What's wrong with the messenger shirts?
(10/13 13:29:56) Thend: Wait, our closet has wings?
(10/13 13:29:56) Boogihn f'toogo: there will be lots of people with messenger tees on
(10/13 13:30:01) Lynnutte: we could wear hats if everyone wants too
(10/13 13:30:07) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I thought I saw wings one time
(10/13 13:30:11) Boogihn f'toogo: just something to set us apart....
(10/13 13:30:11) Lynnutte: with messengers shirts
(10/13 13:30:19) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I like the hats idea
(10/13 13:30:22) Boogihn f'toogo: good
(10/13 13:30:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: now... which hat?
(10/13 13:30:26) Marten: I'm keeping my Yeesha shirt for now.
(10/13 13:30:30) Lynnutte: messengers shirts with yellow hats?
(10/13 13:30:35) Ghaelen D'Lareh: are you signing up, Marten?
(10/13 13:30:40) Marten: Nope.
(10/13 13:30:41) Boogihn f'toogo: sure!
(10/13 13:30:44) Veralun: yellow st Patricks hats
(10/13 13:30:49) Lynnutte: that's fine Marent. This is for Cavern criers
(10/13 13:30:50) Ghaelen D'Lareh: well then... lol
(10/13 13:30:51) Boogihn f'toogo: i dont have a ptty hat
(10/13 13:31:01) Elatine: no do I
(10/13 13:31:01) Marten: Oh. Thought you were getting ready to hit the other meeting!
(10/13 13:31:03) Thend notes he was seriously kidding about St Patrick's Hats
(10/13 13:31:13) Veralun: or Christmas hats
(10/13 13:31:14) Lynnutte: Yellow ball hat?
(10/13 13:31:17) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:31:19) Boogihn f'toogo: i dont want to wear that kind....
(10/13 13:31:20) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh, no the work costume is for "crying"
(10/13 13:31:20) Lynnutte: baseball het
(10/13 13:31:30) Boogihn f'toogo: ugh
(10/13 13:31:34) Lynnutte: everyone has the baseball hat
(10/13 13:31:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: hmmm
(10/13 13:31:44) Elatine: messenger shirt and yellow ball cap?
(10/13 13:31:4 Lynnutte nods her head
(10/13 13:31:53) Elatine: okei dokie
(10/13 13:31:56) Thend: Sounds fashionavle
(10/13 13:31:59) Boogihn f'toogo passes out the chaw
(10/13 13:32:01) Lynnutte: lol
(10/13 13:32:04) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:32:04) Thend: Lol
(10/13 13:32:09) Ghaelen D'Lareh: we need to request wings
(10/13 13:32:14) Ghaelen D'Lareh: or a hat with wings
(10/13 13:32:20) Boogihn f'toogo: that is cool
(10/13 13:32:23) Thend: Or boots with wings
(10/13 13:32:23) Lynnutte: winged hats
(10/13 13:32:2 Lynnutte: and boots
(10/13 13:32:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh! boots!
(10/13 13:32:33) Thend: Heck, we need a whole Flash costume
(10/13 13:32:33) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah that
(10/13 13:32:35) Lynnutte: I like that idea
(10/13 13:32:36) Boogihn f'toogo: yes.... boots
(10/13 13:32:42) Ghaelen D'Lareh: not flash, tho
(10/13 13:32:43) Lynnutte roars with laughter
(10/13 13:32:44) Veralun: pink?
(10/13 13:32:4 Boogihn f'toogo: dont go overboard!!!
(10/13 13:32:50) Thend cringes
(10/13 13:32:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: pink, lol
(10/13 13:33:05) Ghaelen D'Lareh: yeah, why not pink? Looks better on me than yellow
(10/13 13:33:15) Boogihn f'toogo: shall i go get dressed and comeback for approval?
(10/13 13:33:23) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol
(10/13 13:33:24) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:33:26) Boogihn f'toogo: pink conflicts with the maintainers.
(10/13 13:33:29) Lynnutte: lol we can meet in the bevin
(10/13 13:33:32) Thend: Let's say the Maintainers have the monopoly on opink and leave it at that
(10/13 13:33:34) Lynnutte: I'll go make it now
(10/13 13:33:34) Veralun: yellow shirts and pink boots... fantastic combination
(10/13 13:33:41) Ghaelen D'Lareh: who is making the bevin?
(10/13 13:33:45) Lynnutte: I am
(10/13 13:33:4 Thend: Lol Veralun
(10/13 13:33:50) Lynnutte: Cavern Crier
(10/13 13:33:51) Ghaelen D'Lareh: lol@Veralun
(10/13 13:33:55) Ghaelen D'Lareh: ok
(10/13 13:34:00) Boogihn f'toogo: ok i will meet yall in the bevin....
(10/13 13:34:00) Lynnutte: brb
(10/13 13:34:01) Thend: Well, you'd stand out alright
(10/13 13:34:03) Lynnutte: kk
(10/13 13:34:06) Thend nods his head
(10/13 13:34:10) Boogihn f'toogo: does this mean the meeting is over?
(10/13 13:34:15) Boogihn f'toogo: or moving to the bevin?
(10/13 13:34:16) Ghaelen D'Lareh: then I'll come back with my Crier avie and join that hood. Back here?
(10/13 13:34:25) Thend: Lynnutte has left the building!
(10/13 13:34:30) Ghaelen D'Lareh: oh no!
(10/13 13:34:31) Boogihn f'toogo: i saw that!
(10/13 13:34:35) Marten: OK. I have to swap which avie is on which computer. I can't do Minkata on my laptop with peeps there.
(10/13 13:34:3 Marten: *ta*
(10/13 13:34:43) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll be back right quick
(10/13 13:34:4 Boogihn f'toogo: here?
(10/13 13:34:49) Ghaelen D'Lareh: I'll come back here
(10/13 13:34:51) Boogihn f'toogo: ok
(10/13 13:34:52) Thend: Gotcha Marten, I'm swinging y there later too
(10/13 13:34:54) Veralun: k
(10/13 13:35:01) Boogihn f'toogo: cya in a minute
(10/13 13:35:31) Thend jockies for a better point-of-view position while everyone's changing
(10/13 13:36:46) ...Chat.log stopped.




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